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Slottex Plugs.

Slottex Plugs

What are Slottex Plugs?

Slottex plugs are an invaluable precision-engineered component tailored for sealing and protection applications. Hailing from the family of threaded plugs, their distinctive design allows them to serve as protective covers in workpieces, preventing the ingress of contaminants. The versatile nature of slottex plugs makes them pivotal in various precision engineering tasks, ensuring a secure and efficient component fit.

How Slottex Plugs Work.

The functionality of slottex plugs lies in their ability to fit seamlessly into threaded holes, creating a protective barrier against contaminants. The standard type offers a precision fit, while the sealing variant provides an added layer of protection. In contrast, the open type, often referred to as quick-release, can be effortlessly released by hand, promoting ease of use and swift adjustments. The defining characteristics of slottex plugs are their ability to be installed with a wrench, hex socket and flat blade screwdriver, giving flexibility for installation and removal in a pinch.

What Material Slottex Plugs are Made From.

Manufactured for durability, slottex plugs are crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is celebrated for its strength, resistance to wear, and malleability, making it ideal for precision applications. HDPE boasts excellent resistance to chemicals, ensuring that the slottex plugs remain unaffected by potential corrosive agents. This robust material choice aligns with the rigorous standards demanded by precision engineering tasks.

What Size and Type Slottex Plugs are Available.

Slottex plugs, in line with Accu's commitment to precision, are available in sizes ranging from the smaller M8 (8mm) for intricate applications to the more robust M20 (20mm) for heavy-duty applications. Further customisation is evident in their colour variations, with options including blue and yellow, assisting users in visual differentiation when site requirements dictate colour coding.


Q: What makes slottex plugs different from other threaded plugs?.

A: Slottex plugs are renowned for their versatility and flexibility to be installed with a hex socket, wrench or slotted screwdriver. Their design, paired with high-density polyethylene construction, offers unmatched durability and protection for precision-engineered components.

Q: Are slottex plugs resistant to chemical corrosion?.

A: Crafted from high-density polyethylene, slottex plugs possess exceptional resistance against a wide range of chemicals, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Q: How can I identify the right size of slottex plug for my machinery?.

A: Assessing your workpiece threaded hole size and understanding the sealing requirements can guide you. Accu provides slottex plugs ranging from M8 (8mm) to M20 (20mm), ensuring a fit for diverse applications. If in doubt, use a thread gauge to accurately check the dimensions.

Q: Can I easily remove the slottex plug when needed?.

A: Absolutely. While all slottex plugs offer a secure fit, the open type, known as the quick release, can be easily removed by hand, ensuring swift adjustments and ease of use.

Q: How does the colour variation in slottex plugs aid in component identification?.

A: The colour differentiation in blue and yellow assists users in quickly identifying the plug type and ensuring seamless integration during assembly or maintenance processes. Some site installations will dictate specific colour coding for certain applications such as liquids or gas.

Bespoke Slottex Plugs Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Slottex Plugs to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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